Second Phase of Chiropractic Care in Mint Hill NC

Second Phase of Chiropractic Care
in Mint Hill NC

Chiropractic Mint Hill NC second phase blog

Now I’d like to discuss the second phase of chiropractic care or treatment in Mint Hill. this is known as rehabilitative or corrective care.

Do you believe that if you have no pain then you must be healthy? if so, you agree with most people, but like them, you would be wrong!

Pain is a poor indicator of health and typically only appears after a disease or condition has been present for a period of time, often years. I understand that there are many acute exceptions to this rule, like heading your thumb with a hammer or being involved in an auto accident trauma. I consider those episodes to be a separate category.

Overcoming Pain in Mint Hill

Let’s look at a few examples of the onset of pain. A cavity in your tooth only begins to hurt when it has hit the nerve.  At that point, you are looking at some major dental work. When it was a simple cavity, you have no pain. Or perhaps you can think of diabetes as another example. by the time a diabetic seals leg pain, the diabetes is causing poor circulation to the extremities, often leaving to severe procedures, even amputation. An earlier diagnosis could have prevented this radical action.

What does this have to do with your spine? Payne in your spine usually means a problem has advanced. Yes, there is the exception of the young man with a normal, healthy spine who falls off the roof. This is the exception to the majority of patients that have entered our office. Most of them have more chronic conditions that have eventually led to pain and symptoms.

The reduction of pain is great, but it doesn’t mean the problem has been resolved. That is why you need rehabilitative care. By the time you have reached the rehabilitative fees, you once again feel like participating in your normal activities. If you do so, however, without continued care, your pain is likely to be up here because you’re condition has not yet been fully stabilized.

The goals of rehabilitative care include strengthening, increasing flexibility, increased muscle control and coordination, increased balance, reducing fear and avoidance of normal activities.

This face of care can take a few weeks to several months, depending on the severity of your condition. Typically, the amount of care is not quite as frequent as relief care.

However, it is important to realize that your condition may have taken years to develop, so it will take time to correct.  Call our outstanding team at Mint Hill Spine and Pain Relief Center in Mint Hill today to schedule an appointment.


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